Spirituality and Politics: Knowledge of the Spirit or Spirituality is an Experiential

Can Politics be Spiritual?

Spirituality has nothing to do with honesty or secularism. Honesty is just good behavior that an institution expects from its members for administrative efficiency.

Democracy is all about obtaining votes. And so it is important to stand for something, something that the voters can connect with at the moment of voting. This connection is neither rational nor consistent. It is purely emotional. While the architects of democracy in their intelligence assumed that voters are rational creatures who will vote rationally for consistent politicians, the reality that politicians understood is that people are emotional, and if you can use that emotion well, you can transform voters into a herd of deer who do your bidding and will vote for you.

“Spiritual politics is introspective, It’s for both leaders, and their followers. Spirituality has nothing to do with honesty or secularism, It’s for them to transform within, By being instrumental in the interest of others.”

Spirituality: Curiocity, Quest, Search, and adventure 

Spirituality never really meant giving up, it only meant living in the world yet not disturbed the known world. Politics or any form of activity looks upon the world to be something to be held within one’s own hands. The colors of clothes are more related to religious norms and conditions than the spiritual evolution of an individual. Politically motivated social causes do not have life, for the change it is crucial that we as human beings should change from within.

Spiritual Quest for Truth, political and religious leaders always have selfish motives for the achievement of goals. Spiritual leaders shall never hold the crusade for a petty cause or major cause without first bringing change within the people themselves. When the change within the people is seen then the crusader is known till then he is only a friend on a mission to spread awareness and implementation of change within the individuals. The moment crusader is known eternal leader is born. Religious and political leaders come and go but the crusade loses its energy and acceptance.

Wisdom World

In true spirituality, it is not God but a Man (another human being) who enters your horizon. You stop looking at life selfishly and are concerned about the community’s good. True spirituality gives you the courage to take on the wrong even if they are mightier than you. Spurred by such a constitution if some Identity-clad men will enter politics I would welcome the development. They may dress differently, may have rustic mannerisms, but as long as it is the community’s good they have in mind they are welcome to the political arena. This arena will educate them on how to balance their speech and how to make their demands more inclusive. Today most of our politicians come from the world of crime. There is no harm if some come from our shrines.

“…..is no more the way you know them, but they still very much exist……”

Vignanamaya Kosha (Pure Knowledge):  knowledge of that which is beyond the sense perceptions, It is a transitory body — a transition from the physical to the non-physical. Anandamaya Kosha is a blissful body and is completely non-physical. It has no form of its own.

Physical body, Mental body, Energy body The physical, mental, and energy body are all physical dimensions of life. When The physical body will fall apart, the mental and pranic body goes on, depending upon the strength of the residual Seed Memory.

Where Do We Go When We Fall Apart?

   If one completes his life peacefully, he need not hang around – it goes on immediately. If you lose this discretion, that is when you go into a compulsively depressed state. Now you will go by your tendencies, whatever kind of quality you have gathered. So when you lose your body, you also lose your discretionary intellect; after that you function just by your tendencies, whichever way they push you, depending upon the type of software you have, the residual memory you have, the seed you have. After Fall Apart (death), discernment is completely absent.

Highly Abused Word: “ Consciousness (Intelligence)”

In deep sleep, you are alive, but you do not know That you are in sleep, We have different aspects or dimensions of intelligence functioning within us; our body structure has its own intelligence, there is a Multilevel of intelligence, of intellect which is discerning in nature. the intelligence which is using memory but free from memory. It is boundless in its nature.

Intellect is essentially like a knife. You use a knife to cut things open. This is the nature of the intellect that it will dissect whatever you give it. The entire modern science is coming out of human intellect – so everything is by dissection. What you can know by dissection is only the material aspect of life. The intellect is a survival instrument. If you did not have a discriminatory intellect, you could not survive on this planet. It is very vital. But the intellect cannot function unless there is a certain volume of memory. If you wipe out all your memory, you will suddenly look Dull. Intellect looks smart only when you back it up with information.

‘Ego’ Means Identity

Intellect is an instrument that protects identity. Identity is that instrument that allows the intellect to function in a certain way.

“You can neither raise consciousness nor can you bring it down, because that is the basis of your existence”


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